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Client: Munters

Agency: Hallvarsson & Halvarsson

Modernizing Munters' visual expression and enhancing the customer experience.

Brand strategy, visual identity, design, UX.

Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions. They provide innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to customers in segments where controlling air humidity, temperature, and energy efficiency indoors is operationally critical.

A man in a yellow raincoat standing next to a body of water.


Munters is a classic Swedish export company that manufactures climate facilities in 17 countries, which they then sell in 30 markets around the world. The company was founded by the innovator Carl Munters in the 1950s, and it remains a leader in its field today. At the beginning of 2022, Munters conducted a review of its brand strategy, and as an extension of that project, it was natural to also review the visual identity.


The logotype has been adjusted, with the idea that the new version should be able to coexist with the previous design. The most significant change is the introduction of a new blue color, which is more expressive and aligns with the blue details in Munters' products. However, the visual identity encompasses more than just the logotype. Together with Munters, we have developed a new color palette, established a new typography, created a clear visual imagery, and built a new bank of icons and illustrations. This page showcases the initial materials, but work on the visual identity is still ongoing.

The refinement of the Munters symbol and logotype includes the introduction of a new blue color, and the angle of the M in Munters now harmonizes with the M in the symbol.

A stand with a banner branded Munters
A set of line icons on a white background.

Munters also possesses a unique icon library that draws its visual expression from the symbol in the logotype.

Instagram feed showing a woman in a yellow coat is walking down the street.
Instagram feed showing a branded product
Instagram feed showing the text "THe new report. Read it here"
Instagram feed showing statistics
A blue sign with an arrow pointing to a glass door.

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