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Client: Procter & Gamble

Agency: Jung

Anti-dandruff shampoo…? Who cares about that?

Marketing, advertising, brand development, strategy.

Henke: Here, hold my bottle!

No one … unless it’s Henrik Lundqvist with a Head & Shoulders bottle! Despite being Sweden’s best hockey goalie of all time – and one of our most famous sports stars ever – Henke has become equally famous for being the “Shampoo Guy”. With humor as main ingredient, Henke has throughout the years shown how important Head & Shoulders is to him, developed how seriously he views his ambassadorship, and proved how far he would go in defending his position as the face, and hair, for Head & Shoulders.

A man in a suit is holding a bottle of shampoo.

Shampoo Champion

83 % of Swede’s now know that Henke is the ambassador for Head & Shoulders, and he has made the campaigns go viral with an earned media reach of over 90 million in the last 5 years. This has contributed to both a sales and volume increase, further strengthening Head & Shoulders’ position as Sweden's most purchased shampoo. Just as good as Henke stopped pucks in hockey, he sells shampoo!

The strategy has been to build a liked and well-known brand through humour and self-distance.

A man holding a bottle of shampoo.
Two men in suits talking to each other.
Two men sitting on a couch talking to each other.

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