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the winning formula

Trust that enables growth; growth that builds trust

Aura serves as a full-service partner, cultivating trusted and high-performing brands as well as thriving societies. Equipped with a repertoire of strategic competen­cies and a full spectrum of creative expertise, we curate esteemed reputations, ignite fame and realize significant growth.

We look at trust and growth as two interdependent, mutually propelling forces, relating to each other like yin and yang. By uniting them within one single formula, we help our clients integrate communi­cation, marketing, and technology to solve complex problems and maximize opportunities. We merge left and right. Defense and attack. Long-lasting brand development and immediate activation. All in one integrated process.

building trust

Trust is a fundamental pillar in society and crucial to the ability of businesses and organizations to thrive.

Trusted brands grow faster, perform better and consistently outperform their peers in the stock market. Customers who trust a brand are more loyal, while employees who confide in their employers stay longer and perform better at work. Regrettably, trust in society is in decline. Fortunately, we have embarked on its restoration journey.

Our services include:

  • Business consulting, insights and intelligence
  • Financial communi­cations
  • Issues and crisis communi­cations
  • Strategic communi­cation
  • Thought leadership
  • Internal communi­cation and employer branding
  • Public Affairs
  • Sustainability Affairs
  • Branding and strategic design
  • Social impact
  • Change management

facilitating growth

Our toolkit brims with creative expertise, enabling us to facilitate the growth of both companies and societies.

We guide our clients in building fame, fostering devoted fan communi­ties, and cultivating a cadre of profitable customers. To Aura, sustainable growth embodies the art of building longstanding value for a diverse spectrum of stakeholders – encompassing businesses, shareholders, customers, employees, organizations, communi­ties, citizens, and the entire planet.

Our services include:

  • Advertising
  • Storytelling
  • Creative campaigns and concepts
  • Earned media campaigns
  • Social media and influencers
  • Public Relation­s
  • Content production and design
  • SEO, paid media and targeting
  • Brand experiences

leveraging new technology

In an era of rapid innovation, higher customer expectation and personalization, companies as well as organizations need to improve their digital ecosystems.

Our data analysts, digital strategists, back and front-end developers, and technology experts stand ready to transform­ your digital marketing game forever. We create seamless digital experiences to engage your audiences, grow your business, and make your brand trusted by customers, stakeholders and citizens alike.

Our services include:

  • Data-driven analytics and insights
  • Digital strategy and transform­ation
  • Marketing technology
  • Web and service development
  • Concepts, content and solutions
  • SEO and paid media

Trusted brands grow faster, achieve better results, and maintain employee loyalty. Simultaneously, brands dedicated to long-term and sustainable growth further enhance their trustworthiness. Trust and growth are like yin and yang.

some call them caseswe call it magic

Building trust. Facilitating growth. Leveraging technology.

Check out our work to see what trust and growth can look like.

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