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a leading group of consultant companies

A strong group

Aura brings together 10 companies and 600+ specialists in business consulting, strategic and financial communi­cation, sustainability affairs, public affairs, branding, creative and digital marketing, technology, design, data-driven growth and much more. By recognizing collaboration as the defining quality for success, we form extraordinary partnerships within our group – and with our clients.







By bringing together diverse perspect­ives and skills, we take on big challenges, solve complex problems and build long-term value for all stakeholders.

Value-creating insights
By combining quantitative data with qualitative methods, Axiom provides the necessary insights for decision-making.
Analysis and strategy to implementation in advertising, PR and SoMe
BerntzonBylund is a results-oriented and creative 360 agency, merging advertising with design and PR, bringing their clients on significant growth journeys.
Tech enabled marketing and communi­cation building long term trust and sustainable growth
We are 300+ specialists across Sweden, Finland, Poland and UK that has made it our mission to deliver transform­ational impact in marketing and communi­cation using technology as the enabler.

We bring the trust perspect­ive into marketing to drive sustainable growth, and we bring marketing speed and data focus into communi­cation to navigate a complex world and build trust.
Creo – a true motion media agency
Creo is a true motion media agency. Based in Sweden, working globally. We love helping our clients change hearts and minds - and to continually explore the full potential of motion media to connect, engage and inspire.
Strategic and financial communi­cation
By building long-term trust, H&H empowers its clients to influence, cultivate favourable business conditions, drive sustainable transform­ation and attract customers, talents, and investors.
Strategic change and communi­cations agency
Intellecta drives social change and impact, strengthens influence and trust in both the public and private sectors.
Involving communi­cation - with focus on employees
Involve transform­s businesses and organizations by involving and building trust among their people. Here you’ll find deep expertise in internal communi­cation, change communi­cation and digital learning.
Boutiqe Marketing Agency
Jung is a boutique marketing agency. By making brands and people matter, Jung facilitates their long-term growth.
Much more than just perfectly retouched images
Mods is one of the world's leading retouching and PreMedia companies, exploring ML and AI to create the next-gen visuals.
Brand experience
Wonderland is the brand experience agency, adding a heavy doze of engagement to your growth journey.

some call them cases we call it magic

Building trust. Facilitating growth. Leveraging technology.

Check out our work to see what trust and growth can look like.

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