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12 Dec 2023

Jung slaying at 100wattaren

Jung are proudly shining bright at 100-wattaren! 'Henke & Shoulders' (P&G) strategically positioned for success in the "Långsiktigt" category, while 'Din prisvakt' (Prisjakt) harbors aspirations to lead in the "Konsument" category.

'Henke & Shoulders'

Through creative communi­cation filled with humor and self-distance, Henke, Sweden's legendary hockey goalie, has become the embodiment of Head & Shoulders. The concept is so effective that a mere glimpse of Henke signals that the sender of the communi­cation is Head & Shoulders. This success highlights the effectiveness of our long-term strategy, a standout approach in an era dominated by short-term marketing. Our commercials, with the widest reach, have set records in ad recall during the intervention period. The cumulative reach of our campaigns over the last five years has now exceeded 90 million in earned media reach. 

'Din prisvakt'

Our mission at Prisjakt was to stand alongside Swedish consumers, guiding them to make optimal decisions. That became especially crucial during the Black Friday period, the year's most significant buying time. As Sweden's *Prisvakt*, we and Prisjakt consistently dominated the media space during this crucial period helping consumer helping consumer make better decisions. 

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